Is Ezekiel Bread Paleo?

NoIs bread paleo?

An Ancient Form of Preparing Grains

Ezekiel bread is bread that has been made from grains that were sprouted prior to mixing and baking. Just like we recommend soaking and sprouting legumes to make them more digestible (in the hopefully rare event you eat legumes at all), soaking grains can also help get rid of some of the anti-nutrients and make the nutrients contained in the seeds more accessible.

Better vs. Good

However, a better choice is not the same as a good choice. First off, the sprouting doesn’t get rid of the gluten, an antinutrient that increases gut permeability and inflammation. Second, the anti-nutrients are just one of the reasons we avoid bread.

Why Avoid Grains

The other reasons include low nutrient and high carbohydrate content. The carbs lead to a spike in blood sugar that results in a crash, leaving you tired and cranky and craving more carbs to get your blood sugar back up. Ezekiel bread is guilty on both these counts.

Even Mark Sisson discussed Ezekiel bread on his blog.