Is Couscous Paleo?


Paleo and Wheat

Couscous is made of wheat, which is not Paleo, so we cannot include couscous on the Paleo menu. It is made from the granules of durum wheat, which is cooked by steaming. Durum wheat is a form of wheat that is high in protein, and low in gluten, but it still can’t be considered Paleo-friendly. The Paleo lifestyle is strictly gluten-free, and even if we set that issue aside, there are other reasons to avoid couscous.

Why Avoid Grains?

Like all grains, couscous is very high in carbohydrates and devoid of many other nutrients. It is very low in fat and contains only a few minerals. The low-fat aspect appeals to many people on the conventional wisdom track, but the decades-long condemnation of saturated fat was misguided and unfounded. As it turns out, there is absolutely no reason to fear fat. In fact, we should be sure to include a fair amount of it in our diets if we want to stay healthy.

Mark Sisson has a whole post on why we should avoid grains.