Is Coriander Paleo?


Coriander refers to the dried fruit of the plant that cilantro comes from. These are often referred to as coriander seeds, which are ground and used as a spice to flavor various foods. It is popular in Indian cuisine and is often used to make garam masala and Indian curries. It has a slight citrusy flavor to it, so it can be used to make foods taste a little sweeter.

The Nutrients

As far as nutrients go, coriander does have a fair amount of fiber, calcium, selenium, iron, magnesium, and manganese, but it’s normally used in such small quantities that it’s not really a significant source of any of these nutrients. However, spicing up your food does have a number of health benefits, in addition to making food delicious.

Spice Up Your Diet!

Chris Kresser discusses the health benefits of some of the more common spices used in Indian cuisine (including coriander) in this post.