Is Coffee Paleo?


Like eggs, coffee has been bounced from one end of the health spectrum to the other. First, we hear warnings it raises your blood pressure and puts you at risk for a heart attack. Then we hear that it is full of anti-oxidants and can help prevent you from getting sick, and it may even help protect against cancer. Next it causes acid reflux and headaches. Then it probably doesn’t cause acid reflux and may even help cure headaches. So which is it?

Good or Bad?

Recent studies tend to agree that drinking coffee on a regular basis is somewhat beneficial, and at worst, has a neutral effect on health. Some studies even show that coffee drinkers tend to live longer than non-coffee drinkers. It is, in fact, full of anti-oxidants, and that counts for a lot. Many people can enjoy their coffee now and then without any adverse effects, but caffeine isn’t everyone’s friend and some people are just better off without it.

Caffeine Tolerance

As always, it’s a matter of N=1, usually hinging on your tolerance for caffeine. If you’re one of those who get jitters from drinking coffee, you may want to lay off. On the other hand, if having your cup of joe in the morning helps get your day started right, by all means go for it.

Mark Sisson has an excellent post on why we should drink (or avoid) coffee.