Is Chicken Paleo?


Not Just For Low-Fat Diets

Chicken may have left a bad taste in people’s mouths for those who stuck to ill-advised low-fat diets for years (or months, weeks, hours, whatever), but that doesn’t mean it isn’t also Paleo-friendly. Living a Paleo lifestyle is all about eating plenty of meat and vegetables, including chicken. Just be aware of the fact that chicken, while an excellent source of protein, doesn’t contain nearly as many micronutrients as a lot of other forms of meat.

The Nutrients

That said, chicken does have a number of vitamins and the fat content (from what little fat it does have) is of solid Paleo fare (mostly saturated and monounsaturated, with anti-inflammatory omega-3s making up the polyunsaturated fats).

How your chicken is raised has a big impact on its nutritional profile. For more information on how chickens are raised and labeled, check out this post.