Is Camel Meat Paleo?


The Paleo diet is all about eating meats and vegetables and that includes camel meat. Camel meat is mostly treated as a red meat, and like most red meats, it is high in iron, copper, and zinc. Unlike a lot of other red meats, it tends to be extremely lean (between 4-10% fat), which also makes it tough. If you do manage to find some camel meat, you’re better off slow-cooking it.

The Prized Fat

If you can get your hands on some camel hump, even better. The humps are almost entirely fat, and most of that is saturated and monounsaturated fats, which is awesome because those are the stable fats that are anti-inflammatory and help promote a healthy metabolism. In areas where camel is eaten (primarily the Middle East), the camel hump is prized as a delicacy, most likely as a result of the high fat content. So if you find yourself offered some camel hump in Egypt, don’t turn it down. It’s completely Paleo-friendly and you might offend someone.

Even Mark Sisson gives camel meat his seal of approval.

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