Is Boar Paleo?


What could be more primal than hunting down a wild boar and slaughtering it for a feast for your tribe? Whether your tribe is your immediate family, extended family, or local Paleo group, bringing some wild boar to the table is still a great way to let everyone in your tribe know just how much you appreciate them.

More Pork

Boar tastes a lot like pork, only porkier. It’s like pork multiplied. Boar generally produces a leaner meat than pig, which might be considered a down-side, depending on how much fat you like to have in your diet. On the other hand, boar is also higher in nutrients than pork, including some key amino acids.

Wild v. Farmed

Wild boar was introduced to the U.S. from Europe, so depending on your location, you may actually be able to hunt down a truly wild boar. Otherwise, there are farms that raise and sell boar, and a little research should be able to get you in contact with one of them.

Mark Sisson has a number of reasons to eat boar.

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