Is Black Pepper Paleo?


Restricted ≠ Boring

Just because Paleo is a restricted diet doesn’t mean it has to be boring. On the contrary, the number of meats, fruits, and vegetables at your disposal can make for quite the culinary adventure. Throw in some herbs and spices and there’s no limit to the creations you can come up with in your kitchen.

Health Benefits of Spices

In addition to adding flavor and variety to meals, consumption of spices has been shown to help lower blood pressure and improve glucose tolerance. Black pepper in particular has a number of phytochemicals (compounds that boost our immune system and help keep us healthy). Black pepper also contains moderate amounts of vitamin K, iron and manganese, so feel free to add as much of it to your meals as you can handle.

If you’re looking for inspiration, Mark Sisson has a whole post on the different varieties of pepper and what they can be used for.