Is Asparagus Paleo?


Asparagus is a green vegetable and you should always be sure to eat lots of vegetables. Aside from the fact that they are generally nutritional powerhouses that are low in carbohydrates, they also tend to contain loads of anti-oxidants and fiber.

The Importance of Vitamin K

Like most green vegetables, asparagus is an excellent source of vitamin K, which we need to carry calcium out of our blood stream and to our bones, where it can actually prevent us from developing osteoporosis. Without vitamin K to transport it, calcium just sits in our arteries, turning into plaque and causing all sorts of problems.

Other Micronutrients

Asparagus also contains loads of B vitamins and trace minerals, especially iron. So if your mother ever told you that you have to eat your asparagus in order to grow up big and strong, she was absolutely right. Nothing will help keep your bones and muscles (not to mention your immune system) in working order like asparagus.

Mark Sisson gives several reasons that asparagus is a smart fuel here.