Are Whole Grains Paleo?


I know that most of us have been told from infancy that whole grains are healthy, but it turns out we have all been lied to, although not necessarily intentionally. Your mother really thought she was doing you a favor by serving you oatmeal for breakfast, rather than eggs and bacon. Fortunately, you know better by now, right? If not, we’ll give you the inside scoop right here.

The Problems With Grains

Despite the fact that whole grains contain more nutrients and a lesser hit to our blood sugar than refined grains, that still doesn’t mean we should be including them in our diets. No matter what form they take, grains are still high in carbohydrates that raise our blood sugar, and anti-nutrients like lectins and gluten.

Science v. Pseudoscience

Unfortunately, the media continues to report on studies that supposedly show that consuming whole grains is good for you. These studies tend to come with numerous epidiomelogical errors that fail to take into account other factors. Denise Minger has done an excellent job of taking a closer look at these studies to determine just how reliable their information really is. She does so with one study promoting whole grains in this post.