Are Tangerines Paleo?


Tangerines are related to oranges, and as such, have many of the same nutrients, namely vitamin C. They are also a good source of potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamin A, and various B vitamins.

Tangerines taste similar to oranges, although they are generally considered to be sweeter than oranges. This may be a problem for individuals who are trying to maintain an extremely low-carb diet. Almost all of those carbs in tangerines are sugar, but they also provide some fiber to soften the blow to our blood sugar, but not much.

Paleo and Carbodyrates

The sugar in fruit has proven to be a bit of an area of contention in some Paleo circles. Because some people try to maintain an extremely low-carb (sometimes ketogenic) diet, they insist that fruit should not be included on the Paleo menu. But just because eating fruit doesn’t work well for them, doesn’t mean they have the right to tell anyone else what to eat.


Some people require a slightly higher carbohydrate content than others to feel their best. The only way to know which diet is the right one for you is to experiment. If you feel better with some fruit, go for it. If you notice that it makes you feel tired and groggy, then you’re probably better off avoiding it.

For more ideas for the kinds of food you should be including in your Paleo lifestyle, check out Mark Sisson’s Primal shopping list, which just happens to include tangerines. They are not included in the preferred fruits section though, so if you do choose to indulge, be sure to limit them.

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