Are Sprouts Paleo?


Sprouts are plants in an early stage of growth, kind of a cross between eating a plant and eating the seeds that the plant came from. Unfortunately, that includes a wide array of plants, making it difficult (if not impossible) to determine the exact nutritional profile of sprouts.

The Benefits of Eating Baby Plants

The good news is that, in many cases, sprouts are actually more digestible than the fully developed plant because the cells of the plant have not yet formed a second wall. This means that even those of us with touchy digestive systems should still be able to eat sprouts without any problems.

The Source Matters

As long as you’re getting your sprouts from a good primal source (i.e. vegetables, rather than legumes), you should be safe. For immune-boosting foods, there’s no better place to turn than vegetables.

Mark Sisson addressed the issue of whether sprouts are primal in one of his posts.

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