Are Scallops Paleo?


Part of living a Paleo lifestyle involves, not just eating animals, but eating animals whole, guts and all.

Eat the Whole Animal

Despite the Standard American Diet’s current focus on muscle meat, the organs and bones of the animals are actually the most nutritious part. This means that any time you get an opportunity to eat an animal whole, you’re doing your body a great service by providing it with an excellent fatty profile and extra nutrients that just aren’t found in muscle meat. OK, so most of us don’t eat the scallop shells, but the part we do eat packs quite the nutritional punch.

The Nutritional Content of Scallops

Generally speaking, the best way to get your selenium and your vitamin B12 is from seafood, and scallops are no exception. They are a great source of numerous B vitamins, especially B12. Scallops are also rich in magnesium, zinc, and they’re not too shabby on the protein front either, providing 20 grams of protein in just six ounces of scallops (source).