Are Pears Paleo?


The first step to living a Paleo lifestyle is to consume mainly plants and animals. Therefore, almost anything that grows in a tree (such as a pear) can be included as part of a Paleo lifestyle.

Paleo and Nutrition

Although the recommendation to consume mostly plants and animals is simple to explain and easy to follow, that’s not the full story. Most of us living a Paleo lifestyle also try to focus on eating nutrient-dense foods, a category into which pears do not fall. Although they do have a significant amount of vitamin C, they contain only trace amounts of B vitamins, and minerals such as magnesium and potassium.

Paleo and Carbohydrates

Pears are fairly high in carbohydrates and some people prefer to severely restrict their carbohydrate intake as part of their diet. That doesn’t work best for everyone, though, and pears are also high in fiber, which puts them lower on the glycemic index. Mark Sisson has a post in which he describes the relative pros and cons of various fruits based on their sugar content and glycemic index.

Pears are also among the least allergenic fruits out there, and, as a result, even the strictest elimination diets include pears. They can therefore be included as part of a Paleo-friendly diet, so long as their consumption is limited.