Are Pancakes Paleo?


Pancakes are mostly made out of wheat flour, so they should be avoided. Wheat is one of the biggest offenders against a Paleo way of living. It provides a high carbohydrate content that is very low in nutrients. Wheat also contains anti-nutrients, like gluten, that cause leaky gut. This leads to toxins entering the bloodstream, inflammation, upset gut biome, and susceptibility to disease.

Getting Off the Sugar High

If you don’t think you can enjoy breakfast without the occasional treats, I bet you’re wrong. Once your body adjusts to getting whole, nutrient-dense foods, you won’t miss the sugary stuff. If you do get a taste for something fluffy, there are plenty of Paleo pancake recipes for you to try.

Caitlin Weeks as 10 excellent reasons that we should say good-bye to gluten and never look back.