Are Lychees Paleo?

YesAre Lychees Paleo?

A large part of living a Paleo lifestyle is making sure to eat lots of plants. While the idea that we eat nothing but meat is a common misconception, in fact, most people living a Paleo lifestyle are sure to eat lots of vegetables and some fruit.

Paleo and Carbohydrates

Due to their high carbohydrate content, some people choose to eliminate fruit from their diet entirely, but everybody is different. Those who decide to include fruit in their diet should limit it to one or two servings per day.

Although lychees are high in carbohydrates, that’s far from the whole story. These little berries are also extremely high in vitamin C, B vitamins, and trace metals like magnesium, phosphorous and potassium. Since the Paleo diet is all about eating nutrient-dense foods, there is always room for fruits like lychees.

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