Are Limes Paleo?


Although oranges get most of the attention in the citrus family, they are hardly the only source of vitamin C. You may have been told to drink your orange juice every morning to help your immune system so you don’t get sick, but limes are actually a better option. Limes have just as much vitamin C as oranges and far less sugar. They also come loaded with B vitamins, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

This is not to say that oranges are not Paleo. They certainly are, but due to their high sugar content (not to mention the fact that most store-bought orange juice has sugar added to it) does not make them ideal for those of us trying to cut back on sugar.

Lime juice can be used just about anywhere you use lemon juice. You can include it in a marinade for that tropical flavor, or start the day with some citrus water.