Are Leeks Paleo?


Leeks are a member of the onion family, and as such, should absolutely be included as part of a healthy lifestyle. Most of us know to eat our veggies if we want to be healthy, but do we know why? Many people say that it’s because vegetables are relatively low in calories, and while that may be part of the story, it’s not all of it. Vegetables are also among the most nutritious foods available to us.

Vegetables as Nutrient-Dense Foods

Leeks, for example, come loaded with a host of B vitamins, as well as vitamins C, E, and K, not to mention trace metals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium. The good news doesn’t stop there, though. Leeks are also rich in sulfur, an often under-appreciated nutrient that helps build strong hair, maintain proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, and may even have anti-cancer properties.

Terry Wahls gave a TED talk about the importance of eating vegetables, in which she specifically promotes sulfur-rich vegetables and Mark Sisson has a whole post on the benefits of eating sulfur-rich vegetables.