Portland in Pictures #iphoneography – WDS 2012

The Spyr team went out to Portland to hang with all the fun folks who came out for the second annual World Domination Summit, so I thought I’d summarize the trip in the best way I know how, in pictures! :)

Marla Sarris WDS Plummet at the SummitThis photo story is pretty choppy, hang tight, it’s a pretty short ride. :)

The first full day we were there we joined Joel and a bunch of other fun peeps at the first ever Impossible Adventure: Plummet at the Summit!

We drove to Washington, an hour outside of Portland, and I willingly jumped off of the highest bungee bridge in the US. And not just once but twice…and the second time was backwards! :)

Thanks to to Joel for organizing it all and bungee.com for their amazing set up. We all safely made it down and back up with no issues and had a beautiful view.

Jeff & Dave shot everyone’s jump and the photos can be seen over at spyr.at We drove back to Portland and arrived just in time for our scheduled shoot at the Happy Hour with Tara & Megan, photos from the event can be seen here.

There are some great restaurant options to chose from in Portland and I tried oysters for the first time.

We didn’t rent a car and I was actually expecting the presence of bikes to be much larger. I found a nice place where we were able to walk everywhere. During one of our walks we stopped for a #SPYRhashtag photo, you may have already seen #SPYRfacesleft if you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, but you haven’t seen the outtakes. ;)

#SPYRfacesleftFAIL :)

During another walk around town we spotted a fun little guy hanging out on the side of the street. That little guy will be the main focus of an up-and-coming #SPYRhashtag soon. :)

I also loved the way Portland spruced up the ground.

I did a little cooking in the kitchen of our rental and also cooked up some Paleo Nachos with Vic.

Monday we had breakfast with the bungee group and I had the first coffee in my life that I absolutely LOVED!

That night we attended The Minimalists meet up and did a little more Spyr event shooting there. Photos from that meetup can be seen here.

On one of the last nights in Portland we were walking around looking for where to go for dinner and found Santeria. They advertise as The Best Mexican Food on the Planet, so we figured we had to check it out.

After dinner we were walking around and came across Adam. He always has words of wisdom to share and I was having fun with a new App I just downloaded thanks to Heather‘s recommendation.

All of these images were shot and edited using my iphone. :)

Have you been to Portland? What did you think? Were you at WDS this year? How was your experience? Have you ever gone bungee jumping? Is it on your Impossible list?