Pork and Beet Stir Fry

Stir fry is one of the easiest meals you could create.

Pork and Beet Stir FryMy friend Michelle recently wrote about her experience with roasting beets on the grill and it got me brainstorming of another way to use the beets I had sitting in the fridge that were just waiting to be eaten. Earlier in the summer Michelle introduced me to cooking beets for the first time and we boiled them to make a delicious roasted beet appetizer at one of our M2 T3 events.

For this dish I decided to cook the beets in my wok and stir fry them up with a bunch of other veggies and some leftover pork tenderloin. I was quite happy with how this dish turned out.

Do you have another way you’ve cooked beets that I haven’t mentioned? Feel free to share. :)