Paleo f(x) Livestream Bonuses

Paleo f(x) Livestream Bonuses

This weekend is Paleo f(x), the biggest Paleo event of the year on the planet, so I know you don’t want to miss it!

And with the Livestream pass you don’t have to! And if you purchase your pass through my link I’ll hook you up with free copies of my cookbooks!

Jeff & I are heading to Austin tomorrow and you can bet your butt we’ll be stopping at Picnik and Dolce Neve but the long weekend won’t be complete until I whip up some Paleo Porn LIVE on the Paleo f(x) Cooking Demo Stage! My cooking demo starts at 2pm followed by a book signing on the Expo Floor so if you’ll be in town be sure to come say hello!

This will be one jam packed Paleo weekend and I hope to see you there but if you can’t make it to Austin, don’t you worry your little head! Just watch this video to see how you can catch all the action from home… :)

You can still catch all the presentations on the Paleo Magazine and Victory Belt Stages in real time via the pay-per-view Livestream ticket!

Paleo f(x) LIVE! Streaming over 150 speakers, including 10 New York Times best-selling authors, physicians, scientists, bloggers, biohackers, activists and ME! :) Check out the Paleo f(x) schedule, purchase your Livestream ticket, get settled in at home with a big bucket of Ground Beef Paleo Popcorn and get your Paleo knowledge on from the comfort of home. If you couldn’t tell from all the awkwardness in the video above, pants are options. ;)

Purchase Your Paleo f(x) Livestream Pass!


If you purchase your Livestream ticket via my affiliate link I’ll earn a few bucks, but instead of keeping it all for myself I figured why not hook you up with a bonus! :)

Option 1

  1. Purchase a one-day Livestream pass for $29.99 via my link here
  2. Email your receipt to marla[at]paleoporn[dot]net
  3. BONUS: Receive a digital copy of Pigskin Paleo – as a thank you for supporting Paleo Porn! :)

Option 2

  1. Purchase the three-day Livestream pass for $79.99 via my link here
  2. Email your receipt to marla[at]paleoporn[dot]net
  3. BONUS: Receive a digital copy of BOTH Pigskin Paleo and Los Paleo – as a thank you for supporting Paleo Porn! :)


When Jeff & I get back from Austin next week I will pull one GRAND PRIZE WINNER to receive a signed copy of Pigskin Paleo, Los Paleo PLUS the 21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook!

If you’ll be in Austin, be sure to speak up via Facebook, Twitter or Google+ so we can exchange hugs! If you’ll be viewing from home…bring a friend or ten and make an event out of it. Either way have a fantastic weekend! :)

Oh! And if you enjoyed the video above, head over to the Paleo Porn YouTube page, give us a thumbs up for the video above and while you’re there, Subscribe. :)

Purchase Your Paleo f(x) Livestream Pass!

Video Transcript

Hey everybody, Marla here coming to you “live” from the Paleo Porn kitchen. I just wanted to let you know that this weekend is Paleo f(x) and on Saturday I will be presenting at 2pm on the Cooking Demo Stage and I hope to see you there… wearing pants.

If you don’t feel like wearing pants, uhh, you can go…

If you don’t feel like wearing pants then you can watch from the Livestream, from home, without… wearing pants… because I said that twice.

Go to and pick up a copy…

You can go to and if you purchase a one day pass for $39.99 and send me your receipt via email I will send you a digital copy of Pigskin Paleo. If you purchase a three day package for the Livestream event I will send you a digital copy of Pigskin Paleo and Los Paleo. And next week I will pick one Grand Prize winner and that one person will win a signed copy of both Pigskin Paleo, Los Paleo and The 21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook. So, just to recap, go to, purchase either a one day Livestream ticket or a three day Livestream ticket, forward your receipt my way and I will send you a bonus email with some digital cookbook goodies. And next week, at the end of the week, I will pick the Grand Prize winner to win one of each of these books.

If you’re in Austin I hope to see you there, so definitely reach out via Twitter or Facebook and let me know and I will hopefully see you at my cooking demo if you’re in Austin. Now it’s time to go pull the pork belly out of the oven, so I’ll talk to you later.

Bye. You gone?!

Sun’s going away. We have no more light so we can’t video anymore. Later!

Why are you following me? [giggles]

…you are watching from home, or wherever you feel like you’re allowed to not wear pants and watching using your Livestream… membership… ticket! Mmmmm [laughter]

Saturday I am giving my cooking demo, which is happening on the cooking… oh my goodness gracious… this is sucky sucky suck suck suck