Coffee Allison

Coffee noob here, a little assistance please

After the amazing Coffee Alison I had in Portland at Besaw Restaurant, I was on the hunt for replicating that coffee again. Coffee Alison was just the name the restaurant had for it but it was coffee with milk, chocolate, hazelnut and a touch of cinnamon on top and it was amazing!

What To Pack for Vacation

My Go-To List of What To Pack For Vacation

It feels like we just got back from our European cruise and extended vacation to Barcelona and Majorca but in all reality we’ve been home a little less than two months and I’m already packing again. :)

SXSWi Austin Bacon Takedown NBC

SXSWi Austin Bacon TakeDown [+ Exciting News!]

I’m so excited I can’t wait! The big exciting news, you ask, it’s not the fact that Jeff, Dave & I (also known as Spyr Media) are going to SXSWi this year. It’s not the fact that I’ve entered into a Bacon cooking competition. The icing on the cake, the awesome Texas-sized news is….I’m going […]