Stretch Lift Run

Stretch Lift Run, previously known to me as Not-A-CrossFit has launched their first WOD over at the Facebook Page.

Marla Sarris Box Jump CrossFit Roselle

Weekend Shenanigans (+ photos)

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (of the weekend) The Good: Dinner with friends. Lucky Boys Confusion Concert. CrossFit, Fight Gone Bad. How to Write Better class. Da Bears. Food, Food and more Food. The Bad: Da Bears. Food, Food and more Food. The Ugly: Food, Food and more Food.

Cold Chopped Squash Salad

Cold Squash Chopped Fall Salad

I just talked about all the winter squash that was hanging out around our house so you had to know another squash recipe was coming. Plus I’ve got an update from my Not-A-CrossFit class.