Paleo Christmas Day Dinner 2011

Paleo Christmas Recipes

We live one and two towns over from both of our families which makes traveling on Christmas Eve no big deal. Since Jeff & I moved out, we have hosted all our family at our house on Christmas day and I have cooked for everyone every year since. The past few years I’ve chosen a theme for what I made for dinner. Last year after our cooking class in Tuscany, I couldn’t pass up bringing Italy back to my kitchen and I made everything we learned (and more) while we were away. This year it seemed there was no other choice, it was time to make a full Primal meal for our family!

I love roaming the internet for primal (and paleo) recipes and my Recipes bookmarks has expanded two or three times over with all the yummy sites I’ve found. More often than not I look for inspiration from the recipes I find and ultimately wind up doing my own thing once I get in the kitchen with all the ingredients. After some searching I finally nailed down my menu, so here is my plan (and the inspirational recipes which sparked my choice)!

Marla’s Primal Christmas Dinner Menu

Total Servings: 9-15 people (hopefully with leftovers to spare)





Main Course



I’m super excited to cook it all! So…what’s on your agenda for your Christmas feast?


I completed the majority of what I planned but when it came time to make dessert I basically scrapped everything but the chocolate dipped clementines. Then when my mom asked if there was anything she could help with I had her get a good workout in manually squeezing all the lemons to make the lemon bars, so in the end we wound up with two out of three planned desserts.

Cooking Fest 2011 was a complete success and everyone had their own favorite dish.