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Marla Sarris

Marla Sarris: Paleo Cookbook Author

MY COOKBOOK IS FINALLY HERE!! :) There are so many awesome things going on today and where am I, you ask? Well I’m either enjoying the last few hours of the amazing weather of Miami Beach while on our quick trip to celebrate Mike & Jeff’s 30th birthday, sitting at the Miami airport waiting to come home, traveling via American Airlines up in the air, or driving home from O’Hare. While this is a full travel day for me I’m actually launching some pretty awesome stuff and have many amazing announcements, so let’s get to um!

Let’s start with the most obvious, Paleo Porn has had a facelift! Thanks to the awesome branding design skills of Dave and the fast-acting development skills of Jeff at Spyr Media, my site now has the awesome feel I’ve always wanted and pretty soon the entire redesign will be complete (there’s only so much work you should make your husband do on his birthday) ;)

As if making Jeff develop my site while on vacation to celebrate his 30th birthday in Miami wasn’t enough (have you seen our #Miami30 tweets?), prior to leaving I worked him to the bone for 6 straight days (only allowing breaks to eat and sleep) to design my brand-spankin-new Paleo cookbook!

Pigskin Paleo is now available, in print, on Amazon. Why print you ask? Well because that’s what I wanted. :) I prefer everything digital, except for my cookbooks. When I cook I’d rather not have to bring my laptop with me into the kitchen. There’s pretty much a 100% guarantee that food or water gets on it every time so I prefer to have a physical book or magazine, if I’m using a recipe. Needless to say, when I decided I was going to create a cookbook I wanted it to be a physical copy so this book was created with print in mind. It’s really more of an art piece, but also provides just the right amount of information to get you through the football season with all sorts of Paleo recipes to enjoy on game day.

I created all the recipes within the last year, cooked every meal multiple times (perhaps you saw my #25recipesin2days), photographed the dishes myself, Jeff designed the entire book and we had two different photo shoots together to gather all the photos of me for the front and back cover. Overall we created, designed and produced every inch of this book and I’m so proud to be able to say that, let alone see my photos and work in print. It’s all just extremely awesome (and I can’t stop saying that). :) Oh, and did I mention that this project went from idea to reality all in 3 weeks?

If you would have told me while I was in high school, no, lets not even go back that far. If you would have told me a year ago that I would be a published author, I would have laughed in your face. If you haven’t already noticed I don’t really enjoy writing. It’s seriously like pulling teeth for me. I never want to sound like an idiot and I feel like everything I write makes me sound like one. BUT, I pushed through it and I am now the author of my very own cookbook, and I can’t tell you how exciting (and stressful) the last three weeks have been.

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So if you’re ready to get your Paleo on for this football season, head over to the sales page to get all the details about Pigskin Paleo and pick up your copy today. And if you do purchase a copy, let me know what you think by leaving a review on Amazon because every little bit counts.

Pigskin Paleo – Around The Web

  • My good friend Vic Magary wrote the forward for Pigskin Paleo. I sent him a few recipes to try and he has a recap on his blog with his review of those foods, so be sure to go check out what he thought of the recipes, leave him some comment love and be sure to stick around for his straight-to-the-point, no BS approach to fitness. Vic also has a podcast you can subscribe to, he has his own Paleo cookbook available on Amazon and he’s multi-talented in the fact that he does some lawyering on the side as well. :) If you’re looking for someone to help you meet your fitness goals, I’d highly recommend Vic, he’ll help you get the job done!

  • Justin Miller asked me to create a Paleo chili recipe for him to share on his blog, Limitless365, which is powered by (in)SPYR. Head on over to his blog to read my guest post. Feel free to leave a comment, pin the Primetime Chili recipe for when the cold weather starts, or even share with a friend. The chili recipe I developed for Justin comes straight out of Pigskin Paleo. If you’re looking for some inspiration be sure to stick around Justin’s blog because he’s got some good fitness and Paleo wisdom he’s sharing on Limitless365.

  • My amazing friend Michelle Gammelgaard also wrote a review of Pigskin Paleo on her blog today. Michelle and her husband Bob have tried a large amount of the food that can be found in Pigskin Paleo, while I was refining the recipes during our M2 T3 events. Head over to Michelle’s blog Eat, Move, Balance to hear her take on all the Paleo goodness. She’s been on a roll with her blog since she started this summer and she’s constantly sharing great finds. If you’re local to the Chicagoland area make some time to stop by her monthly seminars, you most definitely will see me there.

  • Tomorrow I’ll have a guest post going live on The Mogul Mom plus Pigskin Paleo will also be the highlight of an essay on The Minimalists, so be sure to stop by both blogs and give them some love for helping me get the word out about my new book.

I would LOVE to hear what you think after you pick up the book so be sure to leave a review on Amazon and let me know what your favorite recipes are by leaving a comment below or contacting me direct.

If you’re the social media type, like me, feel free to use the hashtag: #PigskinPaleo when talking about the book.

Big thanks goes out to Dave for also creating my very own Pigskin Paleo tweetable, just to share with all of you. Feel free to steal the image below and use as you’d like if you mention the book.

If you pick up the book I can’t thank you enough for the support and I hope you have an amazing day! :)


  1. Teri Sarris says:

    Looks GREAT! Can’t wait to get a hold of one of them!

  2. Many congrats on your book Marla and what a fantastic website you have here.
    Love the colours, the large graphics and the background image down above the footer.

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