Gearing Up For Summer

Jeff and Marla Sarris - Summer Bike

Summer is my favorite time of the year. People are much more relaxed, the sun is out and gives us longer days with more time to spend together. Bands come out of hiding and perform at outdoor concerts and festivals and we can spend the weekend by the pool just laying out or enjoy the sun in our own backyard. No need to head to the Caribbean, that weather has come to us.

We currently don’t have plans to travel until after summer has left the Chicagoland area, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be busy. May 1st brings the first day of my rental garden plot of land at the local park. I’ll be planting my first garden and not needing to dig up a speck of dirt on our property thanks to the park district, only a few miles from our house. I have the plot until November 1st, so hopefully we’ll have at least some home grown veggies in our salads by that time (hey it’s my first garden, don’t you judge me..hehe). ;)

June brings my sister Amanda‘s graduation from college and her moving all the way to Montana, a friend’s wedding, a 5K run with my little sister Hannah and possibly participating in the Warrior Dash with a couple of friends.

Jeff and I have already registered for the L.A.T.E Ride around Chicago in July which is also the month of all the festivals. There’s many different options but among them we regularly hit up Summerfest in Milwaukee, the Taste of Chicago and the DuPage County Fair. At the end of the month we’ll be supporting our friend who’s competing in the Miss US International competition.

August will bring our 3 year wedding anniversary and my first triathlon! My birthday and Jeff’s are just two weeks apart and that brings us back to September when we plan to pick up with our travels, where we left off in April.

I’m sure we’ll be checking out the local drive-in movie theater at least once and who knows how many concerts we’ll get to this summer but BBQ’s and catching up with friends are always in the mix. That means a few drives to catch up with Mike & Chrissy in Peoria for sure, since she’ll be home from Grenada and some not so far drives (or bike rides) to hang with friends closer to home. And of course we’ll continue our work as assassins throughout the summer. Speaking of our assassin work, if you haven’t done it yet, we’d ♥ for you to ‘Like’ our Facebook page.

Those are our plans for the next few months, what kinds of plans do you have for summer? Traveling? Relaxing? Reading? Let me know in the comments.