Fitness Goals Smashed and ZWOW Scores Busted

Marla Sarris Lake Geneva

In my quest for world domination, er I mean a Zuzka Light body, I’ve recently created and have been smashing fitness goal after goal. I’ve been religiously completing a ZWOW each week which was then bumped up to once or twice a day and I’m continuing to beat Zuzka’s times with each workout! And let me tell you, it didn’t start that way, so this is a super exciting statement to be able to make.

Today’s smashed goal was that I’m currently at the lowest weight I’ve ever been! (obviously I was born a little lighter tho). ;)

My current goal is to finally get to where I want to be before my 30th birthday on August 20th, and that’s quickly approaching. It’s hard to really explain that goal. Initially I wanted to be at the suggested weight for my height but that goal has gradually morphed into just wanting six-pack abs. ;) And as Joel mentioned today, getting six-pack abs is not impossible. Jeff & I shot Joel’s after photos, which you can see a sampling of over on his site. So, seeing as I live with a photographer, I’ve already scheduled my photo shoot for my birthday.

About six weeks prior to our trip to Portland I really kicked my workout into gear to prepare for the SHErox triathlon, my first sprint distance tri.

After the tri I cut swimming, biking and what little running I actually did to prepare for the tri and focussed solely on HIIT (high intensity interval training) with the ZWOW’s (Zuzka’s Work Out of the Week). With the fun Random ZWOW feature we created on The Official Unofficial Site for Zuzka’s WarriorZ I was able to have the site choose the workout for me and after my tri I started doing two ZWOW’s a day.

I also went from a Primal diet (including milk and cheese) to a full on Paleo diet, cutting all dairy along with all sugars (naturally occurring and otherwise). I’ve played around with fasting before and decided to narrow my eating window down to one meal a day. There’s plenty more restrictions I created and many more adjustments that I’ve made as well, but for this little check-in post I just wanted to celebrate a little.

In an effort to continue this trend in reaching my goal, I kicked it old school this morning with the OMG Sexy Body Workout, an old Zuzka led workout followed by ZWOW #12. Feel free to jump in on a ZWOW and record your scores to keep track of your progress, that’s the reason we created the site.

Are you reaching toward a particular goal? Let me know if I can help. :)