Elk Ribeye with Wild Oregon Pink Shrimp Coleslaw

I enjoy creating new dishes and I pretty much never duplicate a meal, unless we really love it, like Primal pizza. :) But every meal doesn’t have to be a masterpiece or take hours and hours to make. I typically spend somewhere between 20 minutes and 2 hours working in the kitchen on each meal. For me it really doesn’t matter how much time I spend cooking because I truly enjoy the time I spend.

Elk RibeyeI made these two dishes the last couple days and pretty much just threw them together. I still haven’t gone grocery shopping since we got back from Portland, so I’m still working on whatever supplies I had in the freezer from before we left.

Steak is always a super easy option to cook because it really does all the work by itself. Just throw some meat in a pan, season if you want to (I used salt and you can’t really go wrong adding whatever seasonings you’d like), throw some fresh chopped garlic on top and BAM lunch or dinner is ready in like 20 or so minutes, depending on how you like your steak of course.

Wild Oregon Pink Shrimp Coleslaw
While the steak is cooking throw together whatever fresh ingredients you’ve got in the fridge, add some type of oil and BOOM, side dish complete.

What are some of your quick, go-to recipes?