Braised Short Ribs

In today’s dose of Paleo Porn I explore the process of braising.

Note: If you’re looking for a short ribs recipe, here’s my version of a Paleo Short Ribs Recipe.

Paleo Braised Short RibsThis meal started out as a recipe from Paleo Comfort Foods and just like everything, I made a few adjustments to make it my own.

Let me just start by saying I am not a fan of braising. Braising means that you brown the meat, in this case the short ribs, and then add a small amount of liquid and let the meat simmer over low heat in a closed container for a long period of time. Low and slow, as Paula Deen refers to it in this little article with some little tips and tricks on braising. A dutch oven or crockpot is usually what’s recommended for braising but since I don’t own a dutch oven, I used a combination of pans and my Pampered Chef deep covered baker instead.

For me, the whole process just takes too long. I’m more of a fan of active cooking, meaning I enjoy taking part in every part of the process of making a meal rather than letting meat cook over long periods of time. (Even though it does come out delicious.) High and fast would best summarize what I like, or impatient, but I’d rather go with the former over the latter. :)

The food smelled so good while it was cooking in the oven that when I took it out to check, I decided it was ready to eat. I wound up not following the rest of the recipe.

Jeff thought it turned out good aside from the fact that he’d rather drink his wine with his meal rather than have his dinner marinate in it.