Balsamic-Glazed Chicken Legs

What’s on your plate? I’ve got a new dose of Paleo Porn to whet your appetite.

Balsamic-Glazed Chicken LegsDo you want to know a little secret? Are you curious why sometimes there’s a photo without a recipe? I’m sure you can guess. Paleo food doesn’t have to be bland and boring, there’s so many options!

A photo of food should entice you and make you want to have it. That’s what Paleo porn is meant to do. Encourage you to make and devour delicious home made meals.

Do you know how much food I make? The answer is a lot…you’d be surprised how much Jeff can eat!! :) Since I don’t keep a paper and a pen handy while I cook, I don’t always run to the computer or write down everything I did to make a recipe. Even though I snap a photo when it’s time to eat, I may not always go back and write the recipe down.

These chicken legs were delicious and even though I didn’t write down my recipe, Mark has a very similar one, so you’re in luck.

Enjoy! :)