Are you one of Zuzka Light’s Warriorz?

Zuzka Light warriorZ

It’s 5am and I’m sound asleep in bed, finally.

All of a sudden there’s an extremely loud *BANG!* followed by a nice little “wake up Marla” pounce on my head. Between not being able to fall asleep from excitement and Alpha’s little good morning fall while looking out the window above my side of the bed, I guess it’s time to get up.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook or even Google+ you may have seen me talking a lot about Zuzka Light.

She used to be half of but with where life has taken her, within the last six months, she recently moved from Prague to the US and has started to pimp out her personal brand.

I had been following along with the BodyRock workouts for a while and when she branched off on her own I was there on day 1 when she started her Twitter account and her Facebook page, and when she released this awesome sneak peak of the project she was working on. I just COULD NOT WAIT to see what she was up to.

It started out being called ZWOD (Zuzana’s Work Out of the Day) and within the first three weeks transitioned into ZWOW (Zuzana’s Workout of the Week) since they were releasing the high quality productions once a week. WarriorZ have come from all over and she has definitely created a great product and brand. The only thing I thought was missing was a website.

Well, since…you know, that’s what we do Jeff and I decided to put this little project together. I now have a central location where I can keep track of my scores without having to scroll back through Twitter or Facebook to see my previous results AND I can share it with all the other WarrioZ out there. Not only is there a page for every ZWOW with the workout listed, all equipment needed and a link to the YouTube vid, but Jeff also made me a random ZWOW generator, (for those days when I don’t want to look through all the videos to find one). The generator now does that automagically for me. :)

I’ve always felt confident when surrounded by powerful women. I absolutely loved Jennifer Garner’s character on Alias and all the amazing women from the new American Gladiators and I can’t get enough of P!nk, I mean have you seen my Motivation To Move Pin Board on Pinterest? Zuzana is a great source of motivation and the definition of power and I can’t wait to get those abs. ;)

There have been so many fun things going on in my life (especially since the start of the year) I haven’t been able to keep up here on the blog but if you’re on Twitter or Facebook you pretty much know all the fun things I’ve been up to. :) New posts will be coming soon -and by soon that could mean within the new 3-4 months because the fun won’t be stopping anytime soon- but for now I’m off to do a ZWOW before Zuzana releases the newest one tonight.

Introducing The Official Unofficial Site for Zuzka’s WarriorZ Rock on WarriorZ and don’t forget to leave your score so we can motivate each other with some friendly competition!