A Couple Kitchen Gadgets To Die For (well maybe not literally)

While we were cooking in Tuscany I used a grater to grate Parmesan cheese and zest a lemon for a couple different recipes and as we were working I told Silvio & Manuela how much I loved it. They explained that the grater was made by a company called Microplane and they were from the US and that I should look for it when I get back home. They also said that it worked so well because it was made by a wood-working company that started making kitchen gadgets, so they knew what they were doing when it came to making sharp sustainable tools.

microplane-cheese-graterWhen we got home I refilled the refrigerator and while I was driving around shopping I stopped at Schweppe’s, a kitchen gadget store right down the street from our house. I originally went in there to get another large mixing bowl for Jeff to eat his lunch salad’s out of and while I was walking around I found THE EXACT SAME GRATER I used while in Italy and I was super excited to have stumbled across it!

Since I’ve brought the grater home I have used it almost every day and I can’t stress enough how awesome it is!

While I’m on the topic of gadgets that work, I also really love my Pampered Chef cutting board (also seen in the feature image). The little edging all the way around catches the liquid when I’m cutting lettuce or tomatoes and doesn’t get all over the counter tops. It’s just another gadget that I reach for every time I’m working in the kitchen!