Jeff and Marla Sarris 2012
Marla Sarris

12 Years and We’re Still Just Goofy Teenagers

On August 2nd, four years ago, Jeff & I were married. As of today we’ve been together for 12 years. Last year I wrote a little note to Jeff and this year I thought I’d celebrate with some photos, one from every year we’ve been together.

We’ve grown a lot in the last twelve years and have become completely different people from who we were in high school. We’ve traveled around the world and back again, changed how we fuel our bodies and I think you can see the growth in each photo below. Can’t wait for what excitement the next 100+ years together will hold. :)

2000-2003: The College Years

2004-2006: The Working Years

2007-2010: The Transition Years

2011-2012: The Present Years

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There is no summary because our story grows each day and today we’re off to Bourbonnais to watch the Bears play. Happy August 2nd, go out and have a great day! :)


  1. Bob and I wish you many more years of wedded bliss!!! :) Congratulations!

  2. Happy Anniversary Marla & Jeff :)
    I love the photo journal…what a beautiful adventure you guys have had so far. You just made me believe in fairy tales and happy endings all over again. {sending you wishes for many more joyful years together} xx

  3. This is too awesome! You guys rock. S’good to have you as friends. :)

    • From the words of our good friend Mr. Walken, i.e. Josh Millburn in the Mins book, it’s good to have you in our inner circle. :) Can’t wait to help you break in the new Cali home!

  4. Hi! I just recently subscribed to your blog, and just wanted to say that from these pictures I see 2 people thoroughly enjoying their lives and each other. Congratulations to you both… Keep enjoying:-)

  5. Great story and pictures ;)) Have an awesome day you two! :-)

  6. You two are so awesome! Congratulations…wishing you many more years of love, laughter and happiness! :)

  7. We love this idea and may have to steal it ;)

  8. I love you guys! More years to enjoy!

  9. happy anniversary — and you have surely changed over the years!! wish you many more years of love & fun!!

  10. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures thru the years!!!!!! Brought back many memories!

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