Have Your Cake & Eat It Too!

Jeff and Marla Sarris - Austin's Saloon Wedding Anniversary

It’s been three years since the best day of my life: the day Jeff & I got married. I loved every second of that day and was ecstatic to be able to share it with our closest friends and family, at that time. There’s so many people I’ve met since then that I would have loved to have joined us; it was an amazing day.

I thought I’d start the celebratory day with a little message to Jeff:

You are my best friend, my love, my teacher, my student, my business partner, my cheerleader, my extension ladder, my personal photographer, my motivator, my shoulder to cry on, the interpreter of my thoughts, the arms that make everything feel ok, my partner in everything we do, my taste tester, and no matter what you’re all mine (and I’m yours) from now until the end of time (because we’re vampires, remember?) ;) Happy Anniversary sweetie…can you believe 11 years together has gone so quickly?!

I seem to say it every year but I still can’t believe when people ask how we met that my answer gets to be: HIGH SCHOOL! This is our very own fairy tale. Celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary today is just a hat tip to the millions of hours, laughs and memories we’ve already shared.

I love you Jeff! {:-)}

Now it’s time to start this day out right, by heading to the Bears practice in Bourbonnais, and spending the day with the one I love.

What are your plans for this 08.02.11 day? What ever they are I hope you enjoy them. :)