32,000 Practice Runs: The Importance of Nutrition

Jeff Sarris

I’ve done it 32,000 times. Yet for the first 26,000 I didn’t even try to excel.

Honestly, I didn’t even grasp just how many times I had done it.

It took me 26 years to discover the importance of what I put in my mouth. The importance of nutrition. Now I have 1,000 opportunities a year to practice better eating habits.

It’s a safe estimate to say most of us eat an average of 2-3 meals a day. So let’s look at some simple math.

2-3 meals per day * 365 days per year = ~1,000 meals per year

Generally speaking, each of us consume 1,000 meals per year.

In just a few weeks I’ll be 32 years old. That means I’ve consumed around 32,000 meals.

What else have I done 32,000 times?..


Let’s put this number into perspective. In my 32 years I’ve experienced 32 Summers, 128 changes of season and 11,680 total days.

Living in Chicago, we have only 189 days of partial to full sunshine per year. In my life that’s 6,048 potential days of sunshine.

But most of my 32 years were spent in school houses, college classrooms and, finally, 7 years in a windowless office – prior to discovering the errs of the American Dream and jumping ship.

I’ve experienced far fewer than 6,000 days of glorious sunshine in my lifetime. It’s more likely I’ve actually experienced less than half that count.

But for better or worse I’ve experienced every single one of my 32,000 meals. Those 32,000 decisions have, quite literally, become a part of me.

I’m hard pressed to think of anything I’ve done even remotely close to 32,000 times. But moving forward I have 1,000 opportunities a year to practice better habits. And practice makes permanent.